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Have you seen the library in the sky?

Promoting a Love of Reading with Harris Primary School’s New  Library in the Sky!

Here at Pentagon Play, there is no job too big, too small or too tall! We couldn’t wait to work with Harris Primary School in Croydon to create one of our most exciting and unique projects to date. 

Academy Headteacher, Robert Hyneman and Assistant Director, Victoria Forbes presented us with their ideas and we were extremely keen to rise to the challenge by bringing their ‘Library in the Sky’ dreams to reality!

Our team of talented installers set to work during school holidays, using cranes to transport resources and materials all the way up to the rooftop! The space was almost entirely covered with our Artificial Grass Playturf, giving a natural, bright, appealing aesthetic to the new roof library.

Harris Primary School believe that learning to read, write and communicate effectively underpins all areas of learning. They wanted to create a space that would inspire children to read widely and develop a love of books.

Special Spaces to sit with a Good Book!

Dotted around the rooftop library are various areas where children can relax and enjoy reading either, independently or with friends. A Freestanding Storytelling Chair and Moveable Grass Topped Seats make a fantastic discussion zone. Books can be reviewed, various characters can take to the ‘hot seat’, and guided reading sessions can take place outdoors.

A Playhouse and a Wigwam provide sheltered, cosy spaces where pupils can read for pleasure or role-play scenes from their favorite text.

A birds eye view of the library in the sky playground, with 8 picnic benches on the artificial grass

Eight picnic tables can be used by whole classes, perhaps to enjoy reading the current class novel whilst enjoying a tasty snack! During leisure time the picnic table tops can be used to play a variety of board games such as Ludo, Snakes, and Ladders, Connect 4, Finger Football, Chess, and Draughts. This social area could also be used for after-school clubs to discover the next board game champion!

Freedom for Creative Expression

A Performance Stage gives pupils a platform to express themselves and to develop confidence verbally, socially and creatively, at Harris Primary they really can shout it from the rooftops! Familiar stories can be re-created, tales can be told and rhymes can be sung to attentive audiences.

A side view of the library in the sky playground, showing the grass top seats, performance stage and picnic benches

Several large grass-topped seats provide audiences with a pleasant seating experience to practise careful listening whilst absorbing amazing views.

A Variety of Open-Ended Resources

Harris Primary selected a number of our open-ended resources to enhance their new outdoor library. Our Get Set, Go! Blocks – The Mendips Set provides various seating options for children to gather and discuss. They can be used to role-play traditional tales – imagine three Billy Goats traveling across the rickety bridge! Pupils can also create their own exercise courses if they need a brain break, or to stretch and strengthen core muscles.

A Construction Table with wheels for easy movement is a great resource for creating small-world play based on current reads. Pupils will be able to create their own stories using voices to convey meaning and expression.

A Giant Wall Mounted Chalkboard and Whiteboard allow learners to practice drawing their own scenes and characters. Plays and poems can be composed, and ready for performance.

A birds eye view of the pupils playing on the playground on top of the primary school

Three Straight Planters help to create a calm, secluded space for children to practice mindfulness whilst learning gardening skills. 

Our Medium Self–Selecting Store is now home to a library of books, ready to be chosen by keen readers and budding authors. Resources can be easily seen by pupils which leads to an orderly learning environment and calm tidy-up times.

Harris Primary School’s new outdoor library in the clouds certainly has the wow factor! Pupils will be highly motivated to spend time in the space and engage with the resources. The library will be visited by happy, confident, independent learners who have been give an amazing outdoor environment in which to read, question and discuss, and develop lively and enquiring minds. 

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A birds eye view of the playground on top of the primary school