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A Stunning Nursery Outdoor Development for The Berkeley Academy

A Stimulating, New Environment for Learners at The Berkeley Academy


Teaching staff at the Cheshire based Berkeley Academy wanted to completely transform their outdoor provision for nursery pupils.

Ian Wood, one of our expert and most experienced playground consultants, carefully considered surfacing options and devised a design that would support physical development and could be fully utilised throughout the academic year.

Super soft surfacing makes a big difference


Playground surfacing was a top priority for the school as previously the site had minimal grass, plenty of mud and surfacing that was no longer fit for use. Ian suggested our ever-popular Artificial Grass, as it is incredibly soft yet durable.

artificial grass surfacing on the playground viewed from a birdseye view angle, it shows the top of the timber canopy roof as well as the beige wetpour roadway and various nursery toys

The surfacing has completely changed the look and feel of the space. Children now enjoy sitting, playing, crawling and climbing with their peers in a playground that will not become dirty or waterlogged.

A much-loved addition to the outside area is the bespoke Playground Mound and Tunnel.

a little girl lies in the bespoke playground mound with tunnel smiling at the camera in front of her

Children can now view their playground from a new perspective and they have had great fun climbing, crawling, sliding down and peering through.

Vital gross motor skills are being developed as children learn to cooperate and take safe risks. Daring pupils have enjoyed taking their bikes up and over the mound for an extra challenge!

a children in dark navy clothes on a red scooter is pictured riding over the playground mound whilst his friend stands next to him

A new roadway to develop physical skills


Central to the new design is the huge Roadway made from Beige Wetpour Surfacing. There is a mixture of straight and diagonal pathways so that children can practice stopping and turning as they navigate bikes, trikes, prams and scooters.

a photo showing various childrens toys such as ride-along cars and scooters lying across the beige wetpour roadway marked around sections of artificial grass

The clever design uses the roadway to create separate grass ‘zones’ that can be used for different purposes. Teaching staff have set up Tuff Spot Tables in one area where children can work together to manipulate materials and develop number recognition.

Combined surfacing has created an aesthetically appealing space that engages learners. The area is now much safer and the impact- absorbing wetpour minimises the risk of trips and falls.

a tuff spot table standing on the green artificial grass in front of the timber canopy and the beige wetpour roadway with toys strewn around on the playground floor

A new canopy that creates an impressive outdoor



An impressive Freestanding Timber Canopy (8m x 4m) stands proudly in the corner of the playground. Learning can happen outside regardless of the weather conditions as children are sheltered and dry beneath their new outdoor classroom. The polycarbonate roof keeps everybody safe from the elements and creates a light, airy space.

the timber canopy stands to the left in this picture as children play underneath it, you can see the green artificial grass and beige wetpour surfacing and the tuff spot table to the side as well as lots of toys

When we visited Berkeley Academy children were using the area to construct various buildings using large wooden blocks and beams. Learners had plenty of space to let their imaginations soar!

The addition of the new canopy opens up a host of possibilities for the Berkeley Academy. Whole class teaching or groups sessions can be taken outside as children learn within nature. There is now plenty of extra space for large group projects and scope for cross-curricular learning.

a child sits in a wooden box whilst her friend kneels at the end, and her friend stands at the side holding wooden blocks

It was a pleasure to work with the teaching team at the Berkeley Academy. We were proud to create a stimulating environment which develops pupils’ curiosity and creativity.

If you too, are looking to offer a multi-purpose learning area for your pupils, then Contact Us Here today!

Or, take a look at schools near you via our Cheshire Projects Page to get more inspiration for your playground!

a birdseye view of the remodel showing the top of the canopy and the green artificial grass surfacing, the beige wetpour can be seen and there is lots of toys laying about on the floor