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Woodhouse Primary School’s Muga Pitch

A High-Quality Sporting Provision Enhanced by an All Weather MUGA Pitch


Determined to improve the sporting provision and inspire all pupils to participate in healthy and active outdoor sporting activities, our football-mad playground consultant, Natalie Richardson, was delighted to work alongside Woodhouse Primary School to improve their sporting facilities.

The Manchester primary school wanted to ensure their playground improvements would benefit pupils joining the school for years to come.

With this in mind, they decided that a new MUGA Pitch would hit all of their project objectives!

Primary school children playing hockey, one red team and one yellow team on a muga pitch.

A Sporting Facility for Four Season Competitive Games


The school already had a high-quality sporting provision in place, offering their children the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports. They didn’t, however, have an outdoor space where sporting activities wouldn’t be impacted by the adverse weather conditions.

On the existing school field, Natalie worked with the school to install a huge 28m x 14m multi-use games area, with a range of features, to ensure sports and healthy activities could take place across the four seasons.

Primary school children playing hockey on MUGA which features a halfway line, artificial grass and 2m rebound fencing.

The new MUGA features:

  • 2m Rebound Fencing – Ensuring balls are contained within the area and won’t disrupt other children’s play in the playground again.
  • Recessed Goal Ends – Helping the mini referees - squabbles over what was and wasn’t a goal are a thing of the past.
  • Single Gate – For easy access
  • Half-Way Line – Assisting the children apply their understanding of games rules and team tactics.
  • Artificial Grass Pathway – Muddy feet stay off the new court and out of the school building.

21 children having a hockey lesson from 4 teachers on MUGA pitch, wearing yellow, red and green coloured bibs.

This energising sporting facility can accommodate a wide range of competitive sports, PE lessons and active play time activities, including hockey, lacrosse, basketball, football, run clubs and dodgeball to name a few.

The MUGA has also inspired more children across the school to participate in physical activity and enabled the children’s PE lessons to be taken outdoors no matter what the weather may bring. The children will never hear “Sorry, it’s raining - we can’t do outdoor PE today,” again!

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Primary school children wearing red, yellow and orange bibs having a hockey lesson on MUGA pitch, whilst 2 children sit in a recessed goal end resting.