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Playground Equipment In Ealing

In collaboration with primary schools and nurseries, we’ve improved the educational play experience for over 15,000 children through the installation of our market-leading playground equipment and stunning outdoor learning and play environments!

Explore some of the fantastic play spaces we’ve created for children in primary schools and nurseries across the Ealing area of Greater London.

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Ealing Gallery

About Ealing

As the outdoor learning and play experts, we’ve helped create exhilarating outdoor learning environments for over 50 primary schools and nurseries: changing playtimes for the better for thousands of children in Ealing.

Whether the setting required an all-weather, curriculum-focused space that targeted the seven areas of learning outdoors or an area where school readiness was targeted to toddlers attending nursery, we’ve worked with teachers, parents and the children themselves to create a unique, practical outdoor learning environment. 

We use our expertise to ensure that each and every learning environment meets the aims and goals of the project, enables children to learn through play and have fun during their playtimes, while providing the school or nursery with a space they can be proud of!

Each school and nursery has their own story to tell about how their playground project became a fabulous reality. You can explore all of the wonderful playground projects we’ve completed throughout Ealing by reading our exciting Ealing Case Studies.

Not only do they highlight the fantastic schemes we’ve installed, but they also provide you with a practical example of the playground dreams we’ve transformed into a reality. Moreover, you can see our market-leading playground equipment in use by the children, along with their happy smiley faces!