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Newcastle Upon Tyne

Playground Equipment In Newcastle Upon Tyne

We use our expertise in outdoor learning and play to create an environment that is not only fun for children but also enhances their educational play experience.

Across Newcastle Upon Tyne, we’ve worked with many primary schools and nurseries to improve their children’s play times.

Explore some of our wonderful Newcastle Playgrounds.  

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About Newcastle Upon Tyne

Through the installation of our market-leading playground equipment and creation of impressive playground designs, we’ve improved the educational play experience for thousands of children attending primary schools and nurseries across Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Working alongside the children themselves, teachers and parents, we’ve crafted a fabulous play environment that meets the aims and goals of the projects and enables children to explore and investigate as they learn through play, for each and every setting we’ve worked with.

Our team pride themselves on providing an exceptional service throughout every stage of the process, and truly value the fabulous feedback they receive.

Read how Beverley Armstrong from Archbishop Runcie C of E School felt about our installers while they were installing her fabulous school project during term time:

“The installers have done an amazing job! They have been extremely considerate and have handled parents wanting to access the site. They have checked on positions of installations and left the area safe and tidy each night. Certainly the best contractors we've had on site for a long time!”

You can explore all of the wonderful playgrounds in Newcastle by reading our exciting Newcastle Upon Tyne Projects.

Not only do they highlight the fantastic schemes we’ve installed, but they also provide you with a practical example of the playground dreams we’ve transformed into a reality. Moreover, you can see our market leading playground equipment in use by the children, along with their happy smiley faces!