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Pentagon Play's Lancashire Projects

25 years’ experience in transforming playground dreams into a reality!

From magnificent EYFS playground transformations to full scale playground re-surfacing, we’ve created a range of play spaces for schools and nurseries across Lancashire, improving the educational play offering for over 15,000 children in the process.

Every one of our playground projects and our amazing playground equipment products, provides children with an educational play and learning space where they can learn through play, all while having fun.


  • playground installation in Lancashire

Lancashire Gallery

About Lancashire

As outdoor play and learning experts with over 25 years’ experience, we strive to transform playground from drab to fab, creating learning and plays environments that schools and nurseries can be proud of, and that children will enjoy learning through play within.

Across Lancashire, we’ve worked with over 50 schools and nurseries to enhance their outdoor learning environment, ensuring it is perfect for their little learners.

From improving nursery garden environments to revitalising worn EYFS playgrounds, and even full playground surfacing projects across Lancashire, we’ve worked hard on these projects in order to enable children to access the great outdoors all year round.

For over 25 years, we’ve provided primary schools and nurseries around Lancashire with our expertise make their playground dreams come true. Whether it’s installing trim trail equipment or enhancing an area with playground markings, we’ve installed plenty of playground projects including our innovative playground equipment in the Lancashire area of the North West.

We always take a consultative approach to our playground designs, working alongside the teachers and parents and of course the children themselves to craft a realistic looking design, unique and well-suited to the settings needs.

View all of our amazing Lanchashire adventure playgrounds by visiting our case studies here, providing you with a practical example of the amazing playground schemes we’ve brought to life, including our market-leading playground equipment products in use by the children.