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Playground Equipment In Bristol

From energising active play spaces to stunning curriculum-focused EYFS playground environments, we’ve improved the outdoor play and learning environments for over 170 primary schools and nurseries throughout Bristol!

Each and every one of the spectacular spaces we’ve created in Bristol provides children with plenty of opportunities for learning through play.

Explore some of the stunning playground projects we’ve completed across Bristol and see our playground equipment in action.

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Bristol Gallery

About Bristol

As we are the experts in outdoor learning and play, we strive to transform playground dreams into a reality, all while improving children’s educational play experience.

Within Bristol alone, we’ve changed the playtimes for over 51,300 children for the better. In collaboration with teachers, parents and the little learners themselves, we’ve gathered initial ideas and project aims before crafting an amazing playground design and then transferring it onto the play space itself.

Our playground consultants strive to provide schools and nurseries with a perfect outdoor area that is both practical and fun for the children to learn through play within. We love receiving amazing feedback from our customers and heading back to see all the smiley, happy faces during our case studies.

Read how Mr Arnold from St Peter's Primary School felt after the installation of a huge bespoke treehouse we completed at his school:

“We’re really, really happy with the new Tree House. It’s really helping with 'moving and handling' in regards to our curriculum. It also separates areas for children to learn in as well so we’ve got little caves where children can do weaving or they can do writing at the top as well. We find the children are also really responsible with it as well.

The thing that’s really nice about it, is the fact it doesn’t overpower our playground, so the children still choose other learning as well as the Tree House which is really great for us as we can build our learning around it. It is very sympathetic to the surroundings.”

Each school and nursery has their own story to tell about how their playground project became a fabulous reality. You can explore all of the wonderful playground projects we’ve completed throughout Bristol by reading our detailed Bristol Case Studies.

Not only do they highlight the fantastic schemes we’ve installed, but they also provide you with a practical example of the playground dreams we’ve transformed into a reality. Moreover, you can see our market-leading playground equipment in use by the children, along with their happy smiley faces!