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Playground Equipment In Swindon

Across Swindon, we’ve helped transform the playground dreams into a reality for plenty of primary schools and nurseries: transforming the educational play experience for over 9,000 children in the process.

Explore the stunning playground projects we’ve completed in Swindon and see our playground equipment in action!

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Swindon Gallery

About Swindon

Through the designing of stunning outdoor learning environments and installation of our innovative playground equipment, we’ve helped create exceptional, educational play spaces for many Swindon primary schools and nurseries: changing playtimes for the better for over 9,000 children in the process.

Whether the initial desired outcome was an energising active play space that improves children’s overall physical skills or an area that enabled the seven areas of learning to be taken outdoors, we’ve worked alongside the teachers, little learners and parents at each school and nursery to create exciting, fun filled play spaces every child can learn through play within.

As our playground consultants strive to provide an exceptional service to each and every school or nursery they work off, ensuring playground dreams are transformed into a reality!

Each school and nursery has their own story to tell about how their playground project became a fabulous reality, read our detailed

Swindon Case Studies.


They not only highlight the stunning playground schemes we’ve completed, they also provide you with a practical example of the playground dreams we’ve transformed into a reality of many primary schools and nurseries.