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Playground Equipment In Warwickshire

We are the experts in educational play!

We’ve designed a huge range of playground equipment products that create an enjoyable environment for children to learn through play within but also enhance their educational play experience.

See our playground equipment in action and explore some of the amazing playground schemes we’ve installed throughout Warwickshire.

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Warwickshire Gallery

About Warwickshire

As the outdoor play and learning specialists, we’ve helped create exhilarating outdoor learning environments for plenty of primary schools and nurseries across Warwickshire, improving children’s educational play experience in the process.

Taking a consultative approach to playground designs, we gather children’s, parents and teachers thoughts of what they would like in their playground as well as the goals of the project.

Whether the aim of the project was to improve the sporting provision or provide a space where children can socialise and form friendships, we’ve designed and installed a space that suits the needs of all children!

You can explore all of the wonderful playground projects we’ve completed throughout Warwickshire by reading our exciting Warwickshire Case Studies.

Not only do they highlight the fantastic schemes we’ve installed, but they also provide you with a practical example of the playground dreams we’ve transformed into a reality. Moreover, you can see our market leading playground equipment in use by the children, along with their happy smiley faces as they enjoy learning through play.