Andy Snell

Owner and Founder

Since founding Pentagon Play 20 years ago, I have had the pleasure of visiting every corner of the UK designing and building thousands of school playgrounds. I love spending time with teachers, Headteachers, business managers, PTA’s and best of, all school councils. My passion is helping you to enhance your outdoor play areas. I’m very comfortable working with and listening to children, it’s great to see them getting so excited about their new playground and how it will make their playtimes so much more enjoyable. My job is to turn those dreams into reality, although I keep getting asked to build a rollercoaster by school councils!

As a proud father of two very active children, I know the benefits of physical activity and how it impacts on their behaviour. Designing play areas that will challenge, stimulate and engage young children, who maybe don’t have these opportunities at home, is why my job is so important and keeps me striving to improve our physical play equipment.

Here is a little story: 34 years ago (I suppose I should say 1 score years and 14?) When I was only 6, my family moved house and I met my best pal and business partner Mike Bischof. We started primary school together. We used to build dens in the woods and play sport. Now we have built over 6000 playgrounds at Team Pentagon Play! It’s an adventure which we could never have predicted, so play and work hard at school children, you never know what you may achieve. Right end of story, we are off to build the next 5,000 playgrounds, I hope that one of them will be yours

Andy Snell Andy Snell

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