Caitlin Drinkwater

Apprentice Visualiser

I have lived in Northwich my whole life, I used to spend most of my days as a kid in the local parks and fields with my friends or at my grandma's house creating masterpieces with her coloured.

I always wanted to be a designer as a young child, I was constantly drawing and colouring in outfits and horses! 

When I was in school my favourite lessons were Geography and Art! I found geography interesting as I was able to understand and learn the physical world and how it all works. Art allowed me to let my inner creative side out and I would love to have new challenges in creating new pieces of art.

I love working for Pentagon Play as the culture is amazing, all the people at pentagon are always willing to help! I also love the role that I am in as a Visualiser I get to see my creations come to life and it allows me to be as creative as I can.

In my spare time, you will find me watching TV, colouring with coloured pencils or looking after my house plants (I have a great variety)

I love anything 80s themed, fashion, clothes, music! 


Caitlin Drinkwater Caitlin Drinkwater

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