Chris Woodward

Senior Visualiser

My professional design background has been exclusively in the play industry. Right from the start, I was immediately attracted to the huge range of exciting and stimulating products. I love the fact that they have a real purpose and contribute to our society by educating and inspiring the next generation.

I take great pride to ensure our products are designed and visualised to be the very cutting edge of the industry. This reflects the team’s professional approach throughout all we do. The process starts with the concept drawings and layouts, right through to the final installation in your school!

Even when I am out and about, during trips buying my weekly shopping at Tesco, or pausing in between exercises at the gym, I have my creative thinking cap on. I’m always trying to think of new ways to create, improve and clearly represent our products. A designer’s job is never done because our products are always evolving to reflect your changing needs, the current curriculum, educational criteria and trends.

Chris Woodward Chris Woodward

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