Dominic Turner

Marketing Director

I'm responsible for the overall marketing for Pentagon ensuring the brand continually grows especially in the ever-developing digital landscape.

I thoroughly enjoyed studying marketing at university and have gained valued experience marketing products in two completely different sectors (entertainment and health insurance) which has developed my skills further. I'm a big kid at heart so marketing for school playgrounds is a sector that excites me!

There's nothing like the feeling of a marketing campaign going well, it's one of the most satisfying aspects of marketing. I enjoy my job because it requires you to be creative from the start and put your idea into motion so that it has an effective outcome on the audience you are trying to reach.

I'm originally from Peru but was brought over to sunnier Cheshire when I was a baby. I love playing football but the true love in my life, is Manchester United. There’s nothing better than a European night at Old Trafford or a trip to Europe following the mighty reds with your friends. I’ve been all over the country following United but for some reason, I’ve never been to a final where we have won, perhaps that’s a sign.  Apart from the red devils, music plays a big part in my life and I have previously written for music blogs and websites to express my passion and, in the process, found out I had a pretty good knack for copywriting.

When I was in my Primary School years, I used to live in the countryside near Macclesfield and loved exploring fields and woodlands. My favourite game to play was manhunt and although everyone enjoyed hiding the most, I had a pretty good knack for hunting! Outdoor play still holds some of my favourite outdoor memories!

Dominic Turner Dominic Turner

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