Ella King

Marketing and Brand Designer

I spent my childhood at dance classes where I did modern dance. I was creative at my primary school spending time doing cross country runs, as I love being outside, and helping with sports events.

I wanted to be a firewoman, helping people that are in need always seemed appealing to me and I admired the profession. The adrenaline of the job and ambition was something I wanted to have.

Art was my favourite subject as school as I enjoy being hands in with work and producing drawings from my creative visions. I am a visual learner and I enjoy sculpting and pottery to create imaginative artwork. Media was also an important subject for me as I could express myself through making magazines, posters and websites that were appealing to the eye.

Producing high quality images that represent the brand and making content that appeals to the customers eye is rewarding. I love that there is an interaction side to my job, that I get to connect with people through the power of social media. Working close with my team and being creative is what I thrive on. I can't wait to use my  experience in graphic design (such as animating characters and producing new packaging) to help the business.

I keep active by going for runs with my dog after work as it’s a good way to escape and see the outdoors. I enjoy shopping and socialising with my friends on the weekend as I am passionate about fashion and the new trends. Travelling is a passion of mine as I like to have new experiences and witness new culture. I go to festivals in my spare time as I love music and the street food.



Ella King Ella King

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