Emma Homan

Educational Copywriter

As Pentagon Play’s ‘Educational Copywriter’, I am responsible for researching and writing the company’s Edu-Blogs and PR content.

I am fortunate in this role to be able to combine the skills and knowledge I have learned as a proud mum to two brilliant boys, William (7) and Jacob (4), and from my career prior to having children as a solicitor in London, working in the construction market.

This combination of detailed research, writing advice and a keen interest in early stage learning and development makes this not just a job but a real passion of mine. I love seeing the incredible equipment that the Pentagon team create and how this helps accelerate children's learning through the key stages. Knowing how our kids are pressured with class work and exposed to modern technology like tablets and phones, I love to see them outdoors in the fresh air, running about, splashing in puddles and climbing on whatever they can – the more the better!!

In my spare time (if I can call it that! Does anyone with young children have spare time?!) I love to go off somewhere scenic with my family to walk the dog. There's usually something out there that gives me inspiration to write my next article too...

Emma Homan Emma Homan

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