Jacey Roberts

Digital Marketing Manager

Growing up, my parents’ house backed onto the Bridgwater Canal in Lymm – so I spent many summers cruising up and down the canal on our boat, with our dog as Captain! 

When I was younger I wanted to own a sweet shop and made my very own play-shop. I had a stock of sweets and would let friends and family buy the sweets – but then ask for them back and keep the money.  I also wanted to be a Police Officer, which is perhaps where my strictness with the sweet shop came into play! 

My favourite subject at school was Art. I have always loved being creative and enjoyed using different materials and techniques. It doesn’t matter how the end result comes out, it’s the experimenting that I love. 

I love being involved in a wide range of marketing activities and platforms. My role gives me the opportunity to be both creative and strategic. It’s great to see my ideas come to life and then measure their success. No day is ever the same! 

I love spending time with my family and friends. My two daughters keep me and my husband busy! I also love going to the gym, eating out and rifling the rails at charity shops – I’m a real bargain hunter. 

I am a fully trained Police Officer! I undertook my training with Greater Manchester Police and attested as a Special Constable. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and be out ‘on the beat’ – something which had piqued my interest since being young. 

Jacey Roberts Jacey Roberts

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