Jane Macdonald

Management Accountant

I joined Pentagon Play back in 2009 in the Accounts department. Having worked for Pentagon for so many years, it’s been so exciting to see the business grow and see that primary schools and nurseries value outdoor learning and play more than ever!

I spent majority of my childhood in a small, village town in rural Cheshire, exploring the hills, woodland and forests. Being surrounded by nature was a big part of my childhood!

As a child, I was passionate about horses and wanted to be an Equine Vet. However, during school, my skills aligned more with mathematics than biology and accounting became the ideal career path for me.

What I love most about my job is my colleagues! We really do have a family like atmosphere in our offices and I work with the best people!

In my spare time, you will usually find me down the canal having a nosy at the wildlife or in a restaurant or bar with my friends having a good conversation. I love being surrounded by good people and having a good natter! My daft sense of humor always comes out around my friends!

Jane Macdonald Jane Macdonald

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