Jordan Dale

Outdoor Learning Consultant

I grew up in the small village of Tarporley, spending most of my time outdoors doing activities or playing sports such as football, basketball and tennis. Growing up in such a small, rural area, it was great exploring all the different fields and forests nearby. I think that's why my favourite subject at school was PE as I used to love playing all kinds of sports especially with my friends which would highlight my competitive side..! Even now, in my spare time, I love going to watch my favourite football team, Arsenal, whenever I can; including home and away games. I absolutely love a match day! I do also still love being active in my spare time, playing football weekly and going on regular long distance runs. When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a footballer; I used to love playing football with my friends. I also grew up learning how to play bass guitar which sparked my interest in music so I also wanted to be a musician as well- which might have sparked my motivation to learn to DJ! Even though I didn't end up as a footballer or a musician, I get the bonus of meeting new people all the time and building strong relationships- I also get the privilege of knowing that my work contributes to enhancing and improving the development of children !


Jordan Dale Jordan Dale

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