Michael Bischof

Owner and Group MD

I have been involved with the design, construction and installation of school playgrounds for over 10 years. My formal training was in Manufacturing Engineering and I enjoy getting involved in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of all of our products. I am an avid believer in continuous improvement and so oversee the ongoing review and upgrading of all our products and processes. I have been lucky enough to work in all aspects of our service, from consulting with customers right through to designing and installing our products.

As a family man with two children of my own, I take great pleasure in making outdoor spaces work for children. I understand and appreciate the benefits to our customers, of a well-structured playground.

My favourite projects are our bespoke tree houses. We have been privileged to have been commissioned to build a number of luxury tree houses. It is projects such as these that really ‘let us off the leash’ creatively. The results have been stunning and the response from the children truly heart-warming.

I am the Managing Director of Pentagon Play; I tend to spend more time behind a desk than out on site or in the workshop these days. We are always looking for exciting new projects and the team are here and ready to help make the most out of your ideas.

Michael Bischof Michael Bischof

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