Nick Chappell

Manufacturing Manager

After installing for Pentagon for over 10 years, I was honoured to be given the chance to further my career and take a role as Quality Manager in October 2019

Being an installer gave me a great insight and knowledge of the products we install, and I’ve been lucky enough to work on almost everything we have in the brochure.

Working alongside the products team I also got the chance to develop our structures; installing our first coloured roof canopy was a real highlight. Installation has always been a real love for me, it’s a great feeling to turn up to an empty space and leave having completed a Pentagon Playground.

With my new role I have the opportunity to work with the Operations Department, ensuring all installs meet our Pentagon standard. It’s great to have worked on both sides of install and I’m hoping it’s as rewarding in the office as it was on the tools.

Outside work I love messing around in a workshop making furniture, and I’m currently turning my hand to the extension of my house.

Interesting fact:

My Mum, twin Dave and I won the Mother and Baby of the Year award in 1988. After being told they could never have children, my parents decided to adopt abroad. The day they were due to fly they got news to say IVF was an option. The treatment worked and me and Dave were born; two for the price of one. My parents carried on, having 6 of us in 7 years.  

Nick Chappell Nick Chappell

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