Shanice Walters

Installations Co-ordinator

I spent my childhood growing up in Newcastle-under-Lyme, dreaming of all the different possibilities for my future! Growing up for me involved endless careers- 90% of it was based on what I was watching on TV at the time. First it was a singer (I can’t sing), then a police woman, an actress, a rock climber and then a lawyer. If there was a good tv series about it, you can guarantee I could see myself doing it. 

That's probably why I always loved English at School! When given the opportunity to write endless stories, I was in my element! That being said, I also loved being outdoors. Knowing that the work we do now makes children's school experiences better and gets them excited to go to school everyday is a dream come true! 

When I'm not working, I'll usually be with my dog! Whether this involves taking longs walks, buying new toys or stopping off for a Starbucks Pup Cup (if my slippers haven't been stolen that day!), you'll always find me and my dog together! 

On the rare occasions that we're not found with one another, I'll usually be at a festival dancing the night away. This is how I learnt that I could roll my belly like a belly dancer! 

Shanice Walters Shanice Walters

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