Stuart Hindley

Playground Installer

Growing up, I moved about a lot so I learnt that wherever I laid my hat, that was my home. That's why working as an Installer is a great job for me!

As a Playground Installer, I work in schools and nurseries to transform their playground design into a reality!

With a set of designs, install instructions and plenty of materials, I work with the rest of my installation team to install our innovative playground projects, ensuring they are built correctly and safe for the children to explore and learn through play. I ensure that each and every piece of equipment has been built to the best of my ability and the environment simply looks amazing!

While on site with the rest of my team, I like to see other people happy and am always up for a good laugh! The smile on the children’s faces as they watch their new area come together is always the best.

During my spare time, I love spending time with my family, planning and participating in plenty of exciting activities, such as walking the dogs and taking long walks in new, exciting areas. In addition, I absolutely love family holidays and the long, warm summer nights!

My funnest fact about myself is that I am fun! 

Stuart Hindley Stuart Hindley

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