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The Benefits of Climbing for Toddlers

Introductory climbing frames are important for toddlers in nursery

From being babies learning to walk to their first experience climbing a tree, children naturally want to pull themselves up, climb and explore their surroundings.

When let loose in a nursery garden, toddlers need access to climbing equipment to cater for their instinct to climb and take risks.

outdoor play equipment for nurseries

School readiness is a huge topic of interest for children when leaving nursery. Nurseries and pre-schools must create an environment that prepares young children for the big jump into school.

Introductory climbing frames in nursery settings are important for children’s climbing confidence and help prepare them for the larger climbing challenges in Primary School. This continual development is vital for children when settling into a new school environment.

nursery garden climbing equipment

Climbing from a young age provides many physical and mental benefits for toddlers...

Improved Dexterity

Through climbing, children begin to develop their fine motor skills including dexterity, grip and grasp.

These skills can be transferred into the classroom when handwriting because children will find it much easier to hold a pen and pencil correctly.

Climbing Confidence

Young children may feel nervous when facing climbing equipment for the first time, but through trial and error and safe risk-taking, children will learn to face their fears and begin taking on new climbing challenges every single day.

playground towers for nurseries and schools

Physical Strength

Climbing allows children to build their physical strength and gross motor skills leading to a healthier and active lifestyle.

Embedding this into children from a young age will help fight childhood obesity and ensure children enjoy being active when entering school.

sensory nursery playground equipment

Problem-solving skills

When approaching new climbing challenges, young children will develop critical thinking skills when discovering different routes to climb and traverse. Where should I place my feet and hands? How will I get higher than I did yesterday? These are excellent skills for children while in nursery.

nursery climbing frames

Safe Risk Taking

Climbing equipment allows children to manage and assess risk which is an important life skill to learn from a young age.

Children will begin to understand when they are doing something that is too dangerous while discovering their limits when overcoming challenges.

We are strong believers that climbing frames are worth investing in, regardless of what age they are for. The huge amount of benefits they provide and skills they improve make them worth it.

Children love to climb and explore, so why not give your toddlers fun and exciting climbing equipment to develop confidence and key physical skills from a young age. If you're interested in new and exciting climbing frames and playground equipment for your Nursery or Pre-School, Contact Us and we will be in touch to arrange a free consultation.