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Our New Pricing for our Indoor Range

Our Classroom Furniture Range now has brand-new pricing

Have you seen our Classroom Furniture Range?

It’s simple yet stylish. Comfy yet durable. Quality, but affordable.

Even more affordable now than ever before!

a shot of the stack and sit stools and benches and a low level indoor art easel

We have reduced the cost of our Indoor Range, with the aim of enabling schools across the country to create engaging and inviting learning spaces for pupils.

At Pentagon Play, we let our mission to “improve children’s lives today to shape happier and healthier adults tomorrow” drive everything we do.

children sit on the floor aroudn the stack and sit when it's being used as a table and they draw o the table top!

That is why we’ve reduced our costs; to make everything more affordable to give everyone more possibility of accessing these resources.

Keep scrolling to find out about each of the products and the brand new prices!


Stack and Sit Seating

Introducing the Stack and Sit Range, innovative classroom furniture for your learning environment.

Designed to easily stack on top of one another for neat and tidy classrooms, you can arrange these stools or benches to suit your classroom needs.

comfortable storage seating with lego in the base

You can even stack lids on top of one another to alter the height of your seats to make them perfectly accessible for both teachers and children.

They include deep storage in the bases for all your classroom resources that can be easily self-selected through the clear window in the seat.

Lift the removable cushions from the top of the seat to reveal interactive sorting and small world game tops to support classroom learning.

three children sit on the comfortable seats with the cushions on the seats

Made from an easy to clean, wipeable material, these stools and benches are perfect for any classroom!

These Stack & Sit Seats come in both stool and bench form, and are available in a range of different packages, starting from £645.

You can also purchase the Stack & Sit Stools and Benches as part of larger packages.

a child kneels on the floor in front of the storage stool and lifts the lid to look at the resources in the base


Indoor Art Easel

A low-level Indoor Art Easel on Wheels for those creative pupils, this Easel is now available for £745!

a low level art easel with storage between the panels for classroom resources

With both a removable Chalkboard and Whiteboard Panel and a paper roll on top, there are plenty of writing, drawing and mark-making spaces for pupils to explore, building their fine motor skills and discovering their creativity.

Once you remove the mark-making panels, you will reveal an abundance of storage for craft and drawing materials, meaning you can encourage pupils to self-select the items they want to use.

a little girl stands and draws on the top of the art easel

And, if you want to increase the height of it to make it more accessible for yourself to use as a teaching resource, simply purchase the easel in one of our Stack & Sit Combination Packages and safely lock the wheel on top of the Stack & Sits.

These combination packages are really useful for creating a learning environment in an instant, and start at £1,195.

two little girl sits on the low level seating and draw on the art easel


Breakout Spaces

Our Breakout Spaces are coming down in price too!

Essentially a full classroom in one handy package, these packages feature storage cupboards, seating, and the low-level Art Easel.

a render of the breakout spaces available from pentagon play

Our Installation Team will arrange these resources however you like, defining the space using the low-level storage to create zones within your classroom.

Lift the lid of the Stools and Benches and store classroom resources safely within the seats, using the window panels to identify which materials are stored where.

You can also encourage children to remove the cushions from the seats to reveal small world game tops.

a shot overhead of the breakout space

There are 2 Breakout Spaces available via our Online Shop, and more options available when you speak to our team.

These packages are now available from just £4,995.

a low level space where children sit round the table and draw on the table top

Transform your classroom in just 6-8 weeks with our Pentagon Play Online Shop Classroom Furniture Range or Contact Us Today if you’re interested in talking about a larger Classroom Renovation.

We’ll be happy to support you on any project you wish!

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