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Our New Robinia Playground Equipment

Introducing Our New Range Of Robinia Timber Playground Equipment!

We are very excited to announce that we have now begun to offer a range of Robinia Timber Play Equipment for schools and nurseries across the UK.

Robinia is a unique type of timber as it retains the shape of the tree it has been crafted from, creating inviting, natural play zones for children to explore. Along with this, it is an extremely resistant, durable, stable, rot resistant wood that is beautiful and blends into the natural environment.

Robinia Timber Seating For Schools

It also requires no pressure treatment, ensuring it is the most environmentally friendly timber that can be found!

We have a huge selection of Robinia Playground Equipment available that is perfect for schools and nurseries across the UK to form natural forest school areas or simply create a wow factor, natural looking playground.

Our range includes:

  • Robinia Trim Trail Equipment
  • Robinia Playground Seating, Fencing and Furniture
  • Robinia Den Making and Playhouses

Playhouses For Schools Robinia Timber

Robinia Trim Trail Equipment


We can now offer a huge variety of Robinia Trim Trail Equipment that can be included in any Forest School area or playground to create a natural looking space, where physical development can safely take place.

As it blends into its natural surroundings, it won’t hinder the natural look of the scenery and can captivate children’s imaginations as they participate in speed challenges or master an obstacle without touching the lava beneath them!

We have an amazing physical challenge for all ages in our new range of Robinia Trim Trail Equipment.

Robinia Trim Trails for Schools

Robinia Playground Furniture, Fencing and Seating


To complete your forest school area or zone your garden, messy or natural play equipment from the rest of your school playground, we can install a suitable fencing and gate, which follows the natural surroundings of your area.

As it is a wonky timber that follows the shape of the tree it has been constructed out of, it doesn’t look out of place when used to zone a forest school space away from the main playground.

To enable free-flow play, we have an excellent selection of Archways such as our Trellis Archway to further promote scientific learning or our Entrance Archway to simply create a clear entrance. Additionally, we can provide lockable gates to restrict access during the evenings, while the area isn’t in use or out of term time.

Robinia Fencing and Gates For Schools

Along with our new range of Fencing and Gates, we also have a selection of seating to provide a solution to all of your seating needs!

Create enchanting Storytelling Areas with our Storytelling Chair that will transport children to magical worlds like the humongous forest Granma lives in, but be careful of the Big Bad Wolf!

Our selection of Robinia Seating provides a rustic looking area where children can socialise and relax, participate in lessons or sit to listen to instructions before an activity takes place. As they are crafted out of this beautiful, tree shaped timber, they will blend in with the surrounding area.

Robinia Timber Playground Seating

Robinia Playground Den Making and Playhouses


Along with our new selection of trim trail equipment and fencing and seating created from this unique timber, we can now offer our customers fantastic den making resources and a Playhide to truly enhance imaginative play games outdoors!

Our new Wigwam Posts and Den Making Posts present children with a fantastic construction activity as they work together to thread and weave materials or simply drape sheets over the top of the wobbly posts to build their own den. 

Building dens and participating in construction activities is a stimulating way to develop children’s fine and gross motor skills along with cooperation as they work together to create their collaborative dens.

Robinia Playground Equipment

Finally, our playhouse, the Robinia Playhide, creates the perfect, forest-style space for role-play activities, imaginative games and physical development. Children will love climbing up the rope or scrambling up the timber using the climbing holds.

Used as a reading den, a space to hide from the Big Bad Wolf or even as a space to meet together to come up with master plans; the play hide is a magnificent outdoor resource to enhance imaginative and creative play outside!

If you would like to transform your outdoor area into a natural-looking space which captivates your children’s imaginations, with our wobbly, wonky Robinia Timber range, please feel free to Contact Us!

Robinia Den Making Play Equipment for Schools