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Our Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment

Introducing Our Excellent New Range Of Outdoor Play Equipment For Nurseries and Preschools!

Our dedicated, in-house products team have been working hard to continually extend and improve the variety of outdoor play equipment we offer to our customers.  

We are delighted to announce that we have now manufactured, tested, installed and tweaked a selection of new, stimulating and educational Outdoor Play Equipment for Nurseries and Schools.

Nursery Garden Playhouse

The amazing new products we are now offering are:

  • Construction Table On Wheels
  • Mud Kitchen On Wheels
  • Lookout Cabin
  • 3.5m Gazebo
  • Easel on Wheels
  • Fine Motor Tables on Wheels
  • Ramped Sand Pit

These newly developed products are an amazing addition to any outdoor play environment to truly enhance the learning taking place and our wonderful team have had the playful job of testing, trying and releasing these wonderful product additions.

Nursery Garden and Preschool Playground Mud Kitchen

Construction Table On Wheels


Construction play is a wonderful activity that all children enjoy, which also provides many developmental benefits for children - toddlers in particular.

We have designed a smaller, open-ended Construction Table on Wheels to create a dedicated space for construction play for nursery children to participate in a huge variety of activities.

Lego, bricks and other loose play resources are perfect for use with the construction table where children can get involved and play freely – developing fine motor skills and their problem-solving skills.

Construction Tables for nurseries

With many different features, the construction table is the perfect addition to any nursery environment. We’ve included wheels to ensure it can be easily moved by practitioners and shelves on the top for the children to organise their blocks and materials before they begin laying the foundations for their skyscraper.

In addition, the storage underneath promotes independence through self-selection and learning to tidy away and hooks that can be used to place dress up items, such as construction hats and hi vis vests.

The children love building the tallest, biggest towers they can as they problem solve to see how high, and stable, they can make their tower – a playful way for fine motor skills to be developed.

Nursery and Preschool Construction Tables

Mud Kitchen On Wheels


A smaller, moveable version of our market-leading Mud Kitchens is now available! No matter what size your nursery garden is, the Mud Kitchen on Wheels is the perfect messy, muddy play resource for your outdoor area.

Enable the young children in your care to explore the world of culinary delights. Toddlers love collecting a selection of ingredients, such as mud, leaves, sand and water to bake delicious creations together, enhancing their communication and language skills.

Nursery Garden Mud Kitchen

Practitioners can even write simple words and numbers on the chalkboard countertop to inject number and letter recognition into play.

As children explore a range of textures and scoop and mix their ingredients in pans placed on the shelf, their early fine motor skills develop further and imaginary play is enhanced as they serve their delicious dishes on the serving hatch ready to go out to their customers.

Mud Kitchens For Preschools and Nurseries

Lookout Cabin


We have created a purposely designed, all new playhouse for nursery gardens - promoting imaginative, creative and role play in your setting.

Designed to create a stimulating area, the Lookout Cabin enables even the youngest children to explore imaginative play, relax and socialise with one another or even share a picture book with a friend.

Play Equipment For Preschools and Nurseries

Mark making and role play is promoted in the outdoor play area as children use the chalkboard wall to design, scribble and draw their settings to support the games taking place using the play hatch.

We have seen the new cabin transformed into a studious library many of times as the children relax on bean bags with a book before checking in and out the books they would like to borrow: a wonderful way to promote literacy to young children. As the deck of the cabin has been surfaced with artificial grass, it truly is a cosy, break away space.

Lookout Cabin For Preschools and Nurseries

As always, safeguarding and visibility is always on our mind when designing products for our nursery, preschool and primary school customers. With that in mind, one whole side of the cabin is transparent; ensuring practitioners can see everything going on in the area as well as the learning taking place.

Other exciting features included on our brand new, all singing, all dancing Lookout Cabin are bubble windows to further enhance children’s creative play, larger steps with a handrail to support children, who are already walking, climbing confidence and lower body strength development. 

Playhouses for nurseries and preschools

3.5m Nursery Gazebo


After speaking to nursery managers, practitioners and preschool teachers across the UK, we realised that there was a gap in the market when it came to outdoor classrooms. And we’ve done our best to meet the demands of that gap!

Nurseries and preschools wanted an outdoor classroom that provided shade from harmful UV rays and shelter from the rain, sleet, snow and hail, but didn’t want a huge 6m gazebo that would take up tons of room and look daunting to their young children.

As a result of this, we have designed a smaller outdoor classroom that provides plenty of play value for this younger age.

Our new 3.5m Gazebo is a high-quality timber structure that creates a dedicated space in your nursery garden for activities to be set up for the children to freely participate in. It’s perfect for story time, a breakaway space and an area for the parents to wait in a dry space during drop off and pick up times.

Outdoor Gazebos For Nurseries and Preschools

The children who had the pleasure to be our first setting this wonderful product has been installed in love sharing a story inside the outdoor classroom. The practitioners also love the den making holes featured in the fascia!

It truly enables the practitioners to fully utilise the outdoor classroom as they transform the open-ended space into an imaginative area, where role play and creative play can take place or provide a colourful, inviting space for the children to participate in outdoor play activities such as painting, drawing, storytelling and much much more.

Built on site, it can be constructed to any configuration to meet the settings needs and objectives they want to achieve in their outdoor environment.

Timber Gazebos for Nursery

Easel on Wheels


Our Easel on Wheels is an adaption of our Easel Table to provide nursery children with a place to stand and scribble, draw and write: developing fine motor skills and hand dexterity as children begin to use mark making materials.

The Easel on Wheels is a full-sized chalkboard, featured on both sides, which is the perfect height for nursery children to use and easily reach the top of the board to finish their masterpiece.

As multiple children can use the product at once, their communication and language skills develop while discussing their artistic creations with one another.

Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment - Easel On Wheels

Including a space for chalk to be placed, there is minimal set up and pack away time for practitioners to set up. The space in the middle of the chalkboards can be used as a storage area for boxes of chalk, paint brushes and other resources to promote mark making and fine motor skills development.

Like many of our nursery products, it also has castor wheels ensuring the Easel can quickly and easily be moved to other areas of the garden or playground for all groups of children to use.

Preschool Playground Easel On Wheels

Fine Motor Tables on Wheels


Fine motor skills are an important area of development, which nursery children, toddlers and preschool children need to become school ready. With this in mind, we have designed an open-ended resource where fine motor skill development is at the heart of play.

Made up of two shallow tables connected with a ramp, our brand new Fine Motor Tables on Wheels can be used with a number of different messy play materials like sand, water and mud and loose play resources to enable children to improve their hand dexterity as they explore scientific concepts as they build dams and explore sink and float through play or gravity as they roll balls down the ramp into the other tables.

Fine Motor Tables for Nurseries and Preschools

We have designed the tables at optimum height for toddlers to participate in small world play activities that not only develop crucial fine motor skills, but also their understanding of the world as they explore small world play in the outdoor environment.

To promote independence, we have included a storage solution underneath the tables where resources and materials can be stored for the children to self-select what they would like to play with before tidying up after themselves, too.

Outdoor Water Play Equipment For Nursery

Ramped Sandpit


Even the youngest children can get in on the messy play fun as they crawl, walk or run up the artificial grass ramps straight into the sand!

The Ramped Sandpit is a wonderful messy play resource that can only be accessed when the practitioners remove the plywood lids. If the lids are left on the sand pit, it is transformed into a comfortable seating area where children can look down to their peers below, from the mountain or grassy hill above.

Ramped Sandpit for Nurseries

Through this open-ended resource, children are also developing their coordination as they run up and down the uneven surface. Providing a wonderful sensory experience where small muscle control and fine motor skills are truly developed!

We’d love to redevelop your nursery garden into a wonderful, vibrant space for learning through play to enhance your children’s school readiness and the 7 areas of learning outdoors. Please Contact Us for a free, no-obligation quotation during a meeting with one of our expert sales consultants or view our full range of Outdoor Play Equipment For Nurseries

Outdoor Sandpit For Schools and Nurseries