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Pentagon Play Officially Partner With The NSPCC

Pentagon Play Partner With NSPCC To Save More Children From Abuse

We are delighted to announce that Pentagon Play are now partners with the NSPCC – The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Along with our existing charity partners, Action for Children and the Whitworth Art Gallery, we are extremely proud to be able to further assist another organisation in driving their causes further with our donations and support.

EYFS Playground Equipment

1 in 5 children in the UK have suffered abuse or neglect. That’s why, across the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, the NSPCC are working to protect children today and prevent abuse from happening tomorrow.

Abuse can affect a child’s whole life and we want to ensure that children receive the childhood they deserve: one free from this abuse.

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The NSPCC works to stand up for children, demanding that parliament change laws surrounding child abuse for the better and that action is taken to better protect the future generation: helping give children a voice.

Working closely with primary schools across the UK, they run an excellent programme called Speak Out. Stay Safe. This programme helps primary aged children to identify different types of abuse - all in an age appropriate way.

The types of abuse they address in Speak Out. Stay Safe. include bullying, physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and even some of the risks in the ever-advancing online world.

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The NSPCC runs mostly from generous donations from the public and organisations nationwide. In 2017 and 2018, they responded to over 70,000 contacts from people who were concerned about a child’s welfare. Their fantastic work, which strives to ensure that every childhood is free from abuse, is only possible with support.

Since we improve the educational play experience of children who use our playground equipment during school time, we it would be well suited to partner with an amazing charity to help all of those children who may be suffering outside of school.

EYFS Playground Equipment

With an average figure of what it costs to save one child from abuse, as a partner of the NSPCC, we will be saving one child per every playground installation we complete through donations from the 1st of November 2019.

As we installed around 1,000 playgrounds across the UK in 2018 alone, we are hoping to save over 2,000 children from abuse from the 1st November 2019 to December 2020.

We are proud to be able to not only transform a child’s educational play experience, but now save a child from abuse and give them their childhood back with every single playground installation we complete.

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Abuse can affect a child’s whole life and take away their childhood, which is why we are ecstatic to be able to support the NSPCC in protecting the next generation and preventing abuse in the future -transforming society for every single childhood across the United Kingdom.

If you would like to learn more about the amazing work the NSPCC do to help protect children and prevent child abuse, please view there website here. Alternatively, you can read more about Pentagon Play and the work we carry out across the UK in our About Us Page.

NSPCC Partnered with Pentagon Play