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Royal School Wolverhampton's Tree House

Our product code: P-CP-14964

The Royal School Wolverhampton wanted an energetic, bespoke structure that would wrap around the tree in their playground as well as being able to accommodate many of the school's youngest children at once. They also wanted their new playground resource to provide plenty of opportunities for physical, imaginative and creative play.

The Royal School Wolverhampton’s Treehouse is a castle inspired structure that has been uniquely designed for their primary school children, to meet the school’s requirements.

This fantastic design includes multiple entry and exit points, including fireman's pole, climbing ramps, climbing walls, scramble nets and a huge swirling slide along with space for den making activities underneath.

The new structure can accommodate over 45 children at a time and encourages the children to participate in active, imaginative play as they run around the decks underneath the trees!

Technical Details

Bespoke 1.5M high tree castle unit with:

  • 3 x Large Decks
  • 1 x Small Deck
  • 3 x Play Castle Bridges
  • 1 x Steps
  • 2 x Climbing Ramps
  • 1 x Vertical Climbing Wall
  • 1 x Scramble Net
  • 1 x Tube Slide
  • 6 x Bubble Windows

Material Guarantees

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