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Adventure Fitness Package

Our product code: P-AP-TT-FP

Comprised of 8 exciting trim trail resources, coupled together with vibrant playground markings and artificial grass, our Adventure Fitness Package is a fantastic addition to your school playground that will keep children healthy, active and entertained.

The amazing selection of equipment installed in such a way encourages free flow play as the children explore the area and conquer the challenges as a team – further improving communication, language and social skills.

Used by the children as a focal point for imaginative play, their games are enhanced as they view the area as a huge forest challenge, working their way across rivers, tree branches or any other imaginary worlds they transport themselves into.

The Adventure Fitness Package has been designed in such a way that it targets all areas of physical development from muscular endurance and strength, core strength and stability, upper and lower body strength, coordination to the skills needed handwriting such as fine and gross motor skills: the area truly enhances children’s physical skills.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 13496mm x 13569mm x 2425mm 
  • Critical fall height: <0.6M
  • Minimum Area required: 179M²
  • High pressure treated ‘play grade’ timber
  • Steel reinforced, nylon ropes
  • Polyurethane climbing holds in assorted colours
  • Thermoplastic



  • 1 Fun Fitness Trail 2 (Outline) Thermoplastic Playground Markings
  • 4 Inclined Balance Beams 
  • 1 Climbing Poles (Set Of 8) 
  • 1 Tight Rope Traverse 
  • 1 Net Traverse 
  • 1 Swinging Log Traverse 
  • 1 Rope Swing Traverse
  • 100m2 Playturf Artificial Grass

Associated Documents

Fitness Package Product Sheet

Material Guarantees


Steel Reinforced Ropes

Artificial Grass

Thermoplastic Markings