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Mini Balance Beam - Horizontal

Our product code: P-AP-TT-MBB_H

Not just for gymnasts - a balance beam is the perfect resource for helping young children to build body coordination, balance and core strength.

Children always love to have a go at walking across the Horizontal Mini Balance Beam - it’s impossible to resist! And for those children who can’t go for a simple walk down the road without turning it into an Olympic-standard event, this is a welcome safe space for them to practice!

Balancing across the beam requires children to evenly distribute their weight over each side, keeping their centre of gravity over the centre-line of the beam. It’s more challenging than it looks!

They can first try to stand and balance on the beam without falling off, and then move on to developing dynamic balance skills - balance on the move - as they cross from one end to another. Encourage them to extend their arms to the side, just like an aeroplane, and look straight ahead rather than down. They’ll soon take off!

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W):  1500mm x Ø150mm
  • Critical fall height: <0.6M
  • Overall size including fall space: 4500mm x 3225mm
  • Minimum area required*: 12M²
  • High pressure treated ‘play grade’ timber

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