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Robinia Trapeze Swing Traverse

Our product code: PLS-AP-TT-RTST

Provide children with a challenge that targets upper body strength in their trim trail with our Robinia Trapeze Swing Traverse.

Swinging from one trapeze handle to the other trapeze handle to cross the obstacle, children’s upper body strength will develop as well as their determination as they work to complete the challenge.

Speed trials and other imaginative games are inspired as children challenge one another to not touch the ground as they traverse across the obstacle.

The Robinia Trapeze Swing Traverse is a natural-looking trim trail item that is perfect for any age group as the height of the trapeze handles can be adjusted.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 3050mm x 400mm x 2600mm
  • Critical fall height: <2M
  • Natural Robinia

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