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Zigzag Log Bridge Crossing

Our product code: P-AP-TT-ZLBC

Are you ready for a journey? The Zigzag Log Bridge Crossing will take children’s imaginations deep into the heart of the rainforest - here, they can climb, nimble and fearless as a jungle jaguar stalking across the branches, sinuously slinking and weaving between the hanging vines before springing into action and pouncing on their prey!

A series of six solid foot-treads, set in a zig-zag pattern, sit between reinforced vertical grip-ropes suspended from the timber beam above.

Children can use the stepping logs at each end for take off and landing, or just leap straight up like any lithesome leopard might!

Perfect for proprioception, balance, improving motor skills and developing core strength and stability.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H):  2965mm x 580mm x 2805mm
  • ​Critical fall height: <0.6M
  • Overall size including fall space: 5965mm x 3580mm
  • Minimum area required*: 18.9M²
  • High pressure treated ‘play grade’ timber
  • Steel reinforced ropes with recycled plastic logs

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