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Play Builder Engineer Set with Role Play Additions

Our product code: P-IC-MSW-PB/ES/RPA

£3,795 +VAT

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*Due to demand, this product is on a 12 week lead time*

Our largest set of Play Builder, the Engineer set with Role Play Additions, is great for large classes full of creativity and great ideas! The abundance of materials encourages pupils to craft inventive and exciting low-level active play trails for themselves and their peers to enjoy.

Consisting of 145 pieces in total, the Play Builder Engineer Set with Role Play Additions includes both rectangle and square blocks, lids, tenon and button planks as well as entry ramps! All of these components slot together to create sturdy trails to encourage climbing and risk evaluation from an early age. The accompanying storage space is handy for tidying away all the pieces neatly in your playground space.

With the brand-new Role Play Additions that are also incorporated into this set, storytelling through play has never been easier. Pupils can immerse themselves in a world of the imagination with these pretend tools, created to facilitate realistic role play!

Pupils can use the Manufacturing Role Play Pack featuring hammers, spanners, chisels, wrenches, tape measures, set squares, spirit levels and screwdrivers, to become builders in an instant!

Or, if building isn't for them, pupils can explore the Travel Role Play Pack! This pack includes control panels, steering wheels, boat oars, train wheels, propeller, wheels and connecting pieces! Will they be a pilot, a race car driver, or a sailor? The options are endless with our travel role play accessories!

This set also features Water Play Additions, designed to encourage pupils to use their imagination to incorporate water play into their construction zone. Will they create a moat for their castle or a river to sail down? The choice is theirs!

With this ultimate Play Builder set, you get all of these amazing additions to accompany your Engineer Set and to open up a world of play possibilities for your pupils.

Technical Details

Engineer Package (75 pieces) Contents: 

  • x10 rectangle blocks 
  • x10 rectangle lids 
  • x5 square blocks 
  • x5 square lids 
  • x10 tenon planks 
  • x8 button plank long 
  • x8 button plank short 
  • x8 entry ramps 
  • x4 water topper blocks 
  • x6 water channels 
  • x1 storage space
  • x1 Set of Travel Role Play Accessories 
  • x1 Set of Manufacturing Role Play Accessories 


Role Play Additions Include: 

  • x6 Sapele Dowels 


Manufacturing Play Pack:

  • Hammer (x4)
  • Spanner (x4)
  • Chisel (x4)
  • Wrench (x4)
  • Tape Measurer (x4)
  • Set Square (x4)
  • Spirit Level (x4)
  • Saw (x6)
  • Screwdriver (x8)


Travel Play Pack:

  • Control Panel (x2)
  • Steering Wheel (x2)
  • Boat Oars (x2)
  • Train Wheels (x4)
  • Propeller (x4)
  • Wheels (x4)
  • Connecting Pieces (x4)


Sizes of components:

  • Square Block Size (L x W x H): 294mm x 294mm x 145mm 
  • Rectangle Block Size (L x W x H): 294mm x 588mm x 145mm 
  • Button Planks Long Length: 1000mm 
  • Button Planks Short Length: 800mm
  • Tenon Planks Length: 610mm
  • Entry Ramp Length: 275mm
  • Sapele Dowel: 400mm 


Made from:

  • High pressure treated ‘play grade’ timber 
  • Recycled Stokbord plastic
  • Clear polycarbonate water channels 
  • Sapele Dowel 


Guidance for use:

  • Must be used under teacher supervision only
  • Keep stacking to 600mm high for safety
  • Recommend building on soft surfaces and leave sufficient space around blocks 

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