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Active Tree Top Learning Den

Our product code: P-IC-DMP-ATTLD

A beautiful pitched roof from top to bottom with fun in-built windows and exciting entry and exit points, our Active Play Hut is a one of a kind structure that crosses over between both active play and imaginative play!

There’s a look-out balcony where children can look out into the playground, observing the world they’ve transported themselves into, and the covered deck spaces at ground and raised levels are ideal for den building and role-play games. The inner creative and imaginative sparkle in all children is unleashed!

There’s a climbing ramp, staircase with handrail and a ladder offering different levels of challenge for children to choose how they wish to reach the decks.

Each of these options works the children’s gross and fine motor skills in different ways through larger stretch and reach movements, and smaller grab and grasp actions.

A long Fireman’s Pole at the back provides a quick and exhilarating exit back to the ground.
A seating space underneath the top deck provides an area where children can relax away from active and imaginative play games, bring fairy tales to life or simply sit and chat with one another!

Learning at height in the great outdoors provides plenty of positive outcomes: improving children’s behaviour, increasing self-esteem, developing problem-solving skills and independence as they participate in fun, creative games!

Moreover, the fascinating structure not only improves physical skills, but it also engages children in learning through play, boosting social competence and developing their language skills.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 4438mm x 3576mm x 3683mm
  • Fall Space is L x W : 7017mm x 6582mm
  • Minimum safety surfacing required: 46M²
  • Fall Height is 1.4m


  • Ladder up to the deck height 
  • Climbing Wall
  • Firemans Pole
  • Seating Underneat
  • Climb through opening
  • Large Clear PETg Window on the Roof 
  • ‘Play grade’ sanded high-pressure treated timber
  • Diagonally Clad Panels around the Play Den 

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