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Giant Playhouse

Our product code: P-IC-DMP-GP_REVC

This wooden Giant Outdoor Playhouse, complete with a chalkboard and benches, is crafted with a double-pitched roof and half-height walls on two sides.

Designed with an open entrance to give pupils more fluidity of movement, children can use the space to their full imagination, encouraging more inclusivity in play.

The in-built den-making holes along the top of the playhouse allow for decoration and personalisation, adding banners, signs and bunting to the space to make it perfect for your pupils!

This playhouse will be greatly beneficial in any Early Years setting; ideal for storytelling and imaginative play, encouraging personal, social and emotional development as they interact with peers.

This outdoor shelter is also extremely practical, providing a space for the development of fine motor skills, emotional expression through performance and language and literacy skills!

Whether the children turn it into a veterinary surgery, supermarket, or an engaging home corner space, there is a vast amount of play opportunities available to pupils with our Giant Playhouse.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 2574mm x 1850mm x 2090mm 
  • Water Resistant roof
  • ​High pressure treated 'play grade' timber
  • High pressure treated tongue and groove cladding



  • Low walls (x 2)
  • Chalkboard (x 1)
  • Benches (x1)
  • Den Making Holes (x8)

Note: Chalkboards require maintenance to avoid chalk build up. Clean regularly with washing up liquid and a wet cloth, rinsing in between wiping the surface with the cloth.

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