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Hill Den

Our product code: P-IC-DMP-HD

Create a comfortable space within your Nursery Garden for your babies and toddlers to explore or relax with our cosy hill den. Perfect for outdoor tummy time for those who have not yet found their feet while older children will enjoy exploring the wonderful features our nursery den has to offer.

Our natural looking Playturf Artifical Grass forms the outer layer and base of the den reassuring small hands and knees as children happily crawl and move around the den.

Featuring Den Making Holes within the arch provides the perfect area to hang mobiles and other objects, bringing out your child's visual imagination and allowing the exploration of tactile experiences.

Fun bubble windows ensure the den is well-lit with natural light and give an exciting unique look that enhances children's view of the outdoor space along with creating an inviting, exciting space for children.

Children's sensory experience can easily and quickly be altered by Nursery Practitioners with blankets or other materials over one end of the den to create a warmer, comforting environment. Coloured fabric can be placed over the bubble windows.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 1618mm x 2215mm x 1207mm
  • 'Play Grade' high-pressure treated timber
  • Recycled Stokbord Plastic
  • Polycarbonate Portholes
  • Playturf Artificial Grass

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Hill Den Product Sheet

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Artificial Grass