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Small Playhouse with Walls, Chalkboard and Playturf Base OLD

This product is no longer available.
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Our product code: P-IC-DMP-SP_03_B

Our Small Playhouse with Walls, Chalkboard and Artificial Grass will create a wonderful open-ended space for imaginative and pretend play.

Children will dream up endless scenarios and lead the play in so many fun and exciting ways. One day they could bakers creating hot treats in a bakery while on another day they could be brave doctors running a hectic A&E department. With encouragement from practitioners to help shape their play each day, children will naturally develop their understanding of the world, communication and PSED.

The Chalkboard is a great resource for children to draw and be creative to illustrate their role play. The Den Making holes are perfect for hanging decorations or signs to show what the Small Playhouse has become each day.

For anxious children, the Playturf base makes this Small Playhouse a very calming, sensory environment. The tactile floor can be very soothing.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 1717mm x 2047mm x 1807mm 
  • Water Resistant roof
  • ​High pressure treated 'play grade' timber
  • High pressure treated tongue and groove cladding
  • Artificial grass covered base



  • Low walls (x 4)
  • Chalkboard (x 1)
  • Den Making Holes (x10)

Note: Chalkboards require maintenance to avoid chalk build up. Clean regularly with washing up liquid and a wet cloth, rinsing in between wiping the surface with the cloth.

Material Guarantees


Artificial Grass