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Covered Sand Box - Large

Our product code: P-IC-MSW-CSBL

Children will jump into our Large Covered Sand Box with enthusiasm and curiosity as they dig, build, and experiment with this valuable natural element. Sand play is an essential method of learning in early years playground settings and is vital for sensory development and imaginative thinking. Watch as children explore the sand to develop their sense of touch and marvel over the many characteristics that sand brings. Using their imaginations to dig for treasure, they'll also be improving their physical literacy especially their upper body and hand strength.

The Sand Box is supplied with a lid which actually offers more than the obvious function of protecting the sand from external elements, it can be used to instill the idea in children's minds that we all have social responsibilities that include looking after public resources/properties and closing the sand box lid is a part of this. It's always a great idea to set up a rota for children to follow and even take in turns to remind the teacher to close the sand box.

With endless developmental benefits, what you will really begin to see children's creativity come to life as they create their own imaginary worlds within the sand and re-enact stories and fiction. When the children are together playing in the sand box, they will truly develop their language, communication and PSED.

Technical Details

  • Size Lid Open (L x W x H): 2380mm x 2172mm x 435mm
  • Size Lid Closed (L x W x H): 2380mm x 1160mm x 435mm​
  • ​High-pressure treated 'play grade' timber
  • Removable lid in two halves
  • Supplied filled with play sand


Please note that lids are designed to keep organic matter out of the sand. They are not designed to keep your sand dry.

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