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Water and Damming Play Environment

Our product code: P-IC-MSW-WW_WDPE

Our Water and Damming Play Environment will create an energetic and vibrant atmosphere within your early years playground as children work in teams to build dams, experiment with water flow and dig through sand.

This entire messy play package will develop key skills in problem solving, teamwork, language and communication. It will also encourage children to use a higher level thinking.

The Water Wall will teach children about gravity, water flow, water recycling, source to mouth and kinetic energy while the Water Table is the ideal resource for teaching children about mass, volume and weight of materials.

Moreover, while the children dig and scoop through the sand, they will develop their fine muscle control and imagination. When building dams, children will improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills as they learn how to stop the flow of water.

It's time to create a hub for investigative learning in your early years play environment.

Technical Details

  • Water Wall Size (W x H x D): 2650mm x 1690mm x 725mm
  • Dowel Panel Size: 1400mm x 2400mm
  • 'Play grade' sanded high-pressure treated timber
  • Powder coated aluminium
  • Clear polycarbonate
  • Blue braided PVC hose
  • Artificial grass
  • Phenolic-faced birch plywood 



  • Dowel Panel (Water Wall Panel with Holes)
  • Water Spout with hose connection (tap-controlled)
  • Long Water Channels (x 3)
  • Medium Water Channels (x 4)
  • Small Water Channels (x 2)
  • Pivoting Water Channel Brackets (x 2)
  • Wall-mounted Rain Cloud
  • Water Wheel



  • Grass-Topped Steps
  • Water Table
  • Water Channel Stands (x 3)
  • Sand Table (play sand provided)
  • Mini Damming Station


Guidance for use:

  • Must be used under teacher supervision only
  • All water must be drained after each use

Please note washing up bowls are not included in this product

Material Guarantees


Artificial Grass



Polycarbonate and PETG