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Major Pentatonic Chimes

Our product code: P-IC-MUS-MPC

Our Major Pentatonic Chimes will create a powerful resonance throughout a playground.

Named after their towering presence in any environment, children will be immediately drawn to them and rapidly begin to explore the magical chime sounds they make.

Tuned to a C-Major pentatonic scale, children can collaborate to create an array of musical sounds as they develop their PSED, teamwork and social skills through exciting musical play activities.

These eye-catching chimes are sure to a draw a crowd and will help children increase their social awareness and appreciation for music.

Made from hard, stainless steel, they will withstand the elements, and with a strong steel core that is installed into the ground, children can create magical melodies on your playground for many years to come.

Technical Details

  • In-Ground Chimes 
  • C-Major Pentatonic Scale (6 notes) 
  • Stainless Steel Design 
  • Colourful Mild Steel Core Bases 
  • Size (LxWxH): 3172mm x 101.6mm x 1853mm 


  • 6 Large Chimes 
  • Beater Holder with x6 Beaters


Associated Documents

Product Sheet


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