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Our product code: P-IC-MUS-M

Our Marimba is an open-ended musical instrument which allows children to play spectacular music together, building friendships and developing their social skills.

This wonderful musical instrument is open ended design meaning lots of children can use it at once, improving their hand-eye coordination and encouraging personal, social, and emotional development.

Our marimba is made from high pressure treated ‘play grade’ timber and a hardwood called Sapele, creating a robust and study product.

With warm melodic sounds, this product creates a calm environment for children to relieve stress just before a lesson or at break times; children will easily learn that smaller dowels create higher pitch notes, whereas longer dowels will create lower pitch notes, starting their musical knowledge at an early age.

Due to its freestanding design, the Marimba can be placed anywhere around the playground all year-round creating orchestra’s wherever you go!

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 994mm​ x 580mm x 726mm
  • Made from Hardwood Sapele dowels​ and High pressure treated ‘play grade’ timber
  • Freestanding Design 
  • Encourages social musical play 


  • Beaters (x 2)

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Product Sheet


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