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Wall Mounted Playground Chimes

Our product code: P-IC-MUS-WMC_B

Tuned to the C major scale, one of the most common key signatures used within western music, our Wall Mounted Playground Chimes are the perfect introductory playground instrument.

Since C major scale is the most basic 8 note and the chimes are attached to a back plate including both the letter form of the note and the note itself, children will begin to recognise each note and match it to the letter formation: learning to read, play and understand musical notes from a young age.

Gathering around the chimes, multiple children at once can take a beater each as they play their own soothing songs, working together to perfect their tune for their audience as they improve their communication, language, teamwork and self-esteem through play.

As children play their own calming melodies, they can fully relax, which promotes better mental health for children as they let go of worries and stress, even from a young age.

Crafted from high quality stainless steel, our Wall Mounted Playground Chimes are very durable and long lasting. Featuring longer and shorter chimes, children can explore introductory concepts of science (specifically physics) as they explore why the smaller, shorter chimes create a higher pitch and the larger, longer chimes create lower pitched sounds.

Technical Details


  • Size (L x W x H): 1398mm​ x 129mm x 578mm


  • Beaters (x 2)

Music Beaters (PAIR) is the default option for this product. Musical Beaters with Wire Tethered (PAIR) option is available upon request. This will come at an addition cost.


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