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Immersive Planter

Our product code: P-IC-NP-IP

Crawl inside a haven of natural wonder.

Our Immersive Planter is a unique planter designed to provide a mesmerising natural play experience. Children can crawl through the tunnel to surround themselves with flourishing flowers and delightful smells as they absorb all of the sensory experiences nature has to offer.

Investigate the plant life cycle and the little creepy crawlies plants attract as children plant their seeds and flowers and watch as they flourish overtime, providing opportunities for both child-led and adult-led play activities.

Inside the Immersive planter will become a thriving social space as children crawl inside to discuss how big their flowers, herbs and vegetables have become and the fragrances present, improving communication, language and social skills, too!

For those children who would like to take time away from the busy playground, inside the immersive planter is an ideal break-out space! Children can use this designated, cosy and calm “safe space” to relax and enjoy the sensory elements it has to offer.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 3217mm x  2986mm x 780mm
  • High pressure treated 'play grade' timber sleepers
  • Twin-wall HDPE plastic tunnel


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