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Recycled Composter

Our product code: P-IC-NP-C

A spinning composter bin that turns your food and garden waste into fresh compost. The spinning action ensures the material composts evenly, without need for heavy forking or fiddly layering methods.

The composter is made from recycled components (the drums are reclaimed from the food industry) and so not only does it turn your waste into a fertile compost, by purchasing it you are reducing land fill and unnecessary energy consumption in the production of new components. Great for introducing your children to composting, recycling, and environmental issues.

Instructions for use:

1. Fill with one part fresh green material (nitrogen producing) to 3 parts dry brown material (carbon producing). Ideal green material includes fresh grass trimmings, fresh leafy material, poultry and equine waste and kitchen waste. Ideal brown material includes dry leaves, wood, black and white paper and cardboard. To achieve the fastest results coarse material like cardboard and wood should be shredded first.

2. Rotate the drum two to three times once a day, to ensure the contents are aerated and spend time in the hot centre.

3. Use the compost, mixing it liberally with soil, or applying round the base of growing plants as protective mulch. During the warmer months of April to October, compost can be ready after just 2 or 4 weeks with this compost bin.

Technical Details

  • Size (H x W x D): 1200mm x 700mm x 800mm
  • ​Reclaimed plastic composting bin
  • Recylced plastic frame

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Composter Product Sheet

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