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Sensory Spinner (Pair)

Our product code: P-IC-SEN-SSP

Extend your children's sensory play opportunities outdoors through the addition of our fantastic sensory spinners in your playground, created specifically for those who seek visual, auditory and tactile stimulation or self-regulatory activities.

Both spinners have been designed in a fun octagonal shape, to transform any area of your playground into a wonderful sensory zone, becoming a key self-regulatory activity. The children can spin it and watch the colours as they blend, touch and feel the surfacing or listen to the ball bearings move and create an interesting noise.

Our Hear and Touch Sensory Spinner is spilt into four quadrants, each providing a different sensory experience. As a child spins the wheel, a calming sound of ball bearings rattling in one section provides great auditory stimulation.

In another division, children can watch the mirrors reflection of themselves spin around them: encouraging interactive play and self-awareness through the calming sensory activity.

On the other half of the spinner, tactile and visual stimulation is provided as children experience the tactile feel of bright green Artificial Grass and Funturf surfacing; each providing a different texture and colour.

The second spinner, The Rainbow Sensory Spinner, features four coloured, polycarbonate panel sections, which can enhance children's colour recognition: providing visual stimulation, too. Light can pass through the spinner divisions as children become enchanted by the magical colours, repeating the action over and over again.

As well as being a learning tool, promoting communication and language, children will naturally inquire and ask themselves questions about what they have heard, felt and seen.

Technical Details

Size: (LxWxH) 1510mm x 750mm x 1225mm

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