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Low-Level Play Ship

Our product code: P-IC-TP-LPS_B

Your playground will become their ocean, as children sail the seven seas on the hunt for treasure.

Our Low-Level Play Ship focuses on children's imaginative thinking and creativity as they create role play games using our Play Ship as a focal point or build dens using our unique den making posts disguised as the ship's mast.

With an excellent seating arrangement at the back of the ship, there is plenty of space for children to relax, socialise or discuss the 7 seas with others. Teachers, practitioners and children can even transform the area into a fantastic themed storytelling area, taking it in turns to read their favourite pirate story or fairy tale.

Moreover, children can participate in pretend play with this fantastic Play Ship; exploring the 7 seas for hidden treasure on secret islands.

Our unique ship design includes 7 unique portholes for children to peer through at each other, encouraging fun interactions. Children can even pretend they are looking out at a wide-open sea spotting dolphins and whales jumping through the air.

As well as all this, it is an excellent resource for interactive learning for subjects such as history, geography and literacy. For example, one activity could involve map reading where children are challenged to find the hidden treasure around the playground.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 5173mm x 2979mm x 2100mm
  • Minimum Area Required 39M²
  • Critical Fall Height <0.6M 
  • ​Seat height: 395mm
  • High pressure treated 'play' grade timber



  • Ship's Mast
  • Ships Wheel
  • Walk the Plank
  • Seating
  • Den Making Posts
  • Portholes x 7

Material Guarantees


Polycarbonate and PETG