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5M Hexagonal Secret Garden Gazebo

Our product code: P-OC-GAZ-HEX5SG

Deep in the garden, wonderful things can be found.... Our Secret Garden Gazebo is a dreamy outdoor classroom and will truly spark children's imaginations as they work surrounded by nature.

Our Secret Garden Gazebo is the perfect addition to a forest school or a natural area of the playground which is underused due to accessibility issues. The gazebo has a beautiful trellis arbor entrance that you can make even more eye-catching through the inclusion of flowers and plants of your choosing. The gazebo itself, is surrounded by planters (7 in total) to enable more natural play opportunities for children; watch as they grow flowers and vegetables to add aesthetic appeal which will make them proud and caring of the structure.

A blackboard is also included along with benches, to create a thriving learning atmosphere which will engage children with key topics along the curriculum. It's time to get imaginative with your outdoor learning!

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 5700mm x 5740mm x 3442mm
  • Seating capacity: 33
  • High pressure treated 'play' grade timber
  • High pressure treated structural grade timber
  • Film faced birch plywood chalkboard
  • Bitumen roof shingles



  • Decked base
  • Log clad sides (x 5)
  • Benches (x 5)
  • Trellis arbor entrance
  • Planters (x 7)
  • Chalkboard
  • Rainwater System
  • Water Butt

Note: Chalkboards require maintenance to avoid chalk build up. Clean regularly with washing up liquid and a wet cloth, rinsing in between wiping the surface with the cloth.

Associated Documents

Secret Garden Gazebo Product Sheet

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