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Fractions Caterpillar

Fractions Caterpillar

Our product code: UN-SL-PM-FRC

Our Fractions Caterpillar Playground Marking is a great way to uplift your playground without using the amount of space a usual piece of playground equipment would, whilst improving mathematic recognition and outdoor learning.

A child is more likely to be enthusiastic about a lesson when it is taken into a new environment. Lessons such as mathematics can be taken outdoors using our numerical playground markings to aid learning.

Our energetic Fractions Caterpillar is a great way to introduce mathematics to KS1 and KS2 children in the outdoor environment. The children will begin to learn and memorise how fractions work and how to use fractions on a daily basis as they use the vibrant marking as a focal point in their creative play games.

This playground marking can be utilised in many ways, from the children using it to learn the primary colours to using it during imaginative playtime games.

Technical Details

  • 5m x 1m

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