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Wetpour Crab

Our product code: P-SL-WET-CRA

Develop Early Years children’s understanding of the world with our exciting playground markings.
Our Wetpour crab playground marking creates a colourful and inviting outdoor learning environment for children to learn about basic scientific concepts such as marine life and their habitats.
With over 4,000 species of crabs, children’s curiosity will develop as they further explore the topic of oceans. The crab playground marking will make its way into children’s imaginative games as children transform their school playground into an ocean, investigating a watery world with their friends; further developing their communication and language skills.
Due to having marine life playground markings, children will be able to recognise the difference between marine life and mammals.
Children’s understanding of basic marine life and habitats will enhance as their understanding of the world develops through play.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W): 400mm x 400mm
  • ​Colour: Single colour
  • Resin bonded EPDM rubber

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