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Wet Pour

Wetpour Target

Wetpour Target


Wetpour Traffic Light

Wetpour Traffic Light


Wetpour Triangle

Wetpour Triangle


Wetpour Zebra Crossing

Wetpour Zebra Crossing


Our Wet Pour safety surfacing is an impact absorbing rubber surface that creates a safe and visually stunning playground. With a huge selection of colours to choose from, we can create your dream design to bring play to life. We’ll make your playground an inviting place to play and enhance the mood of your young learners. Our Wet Pour Safety Surfacing is of the highest quality and is installed by experts.

Wetpour Safety Surfacing brings vivid colour and striking designs to the school playground


Gone are the days of boring expanses of concrete gloomily circling the school building!

Our eye-catching Wetpour Safety Surfacing brings vivid colour and striking design to the school playground, lifting everyone’s spirits and inviting children outdoors to play!

Wetpour is a much more forgiving, softer and springier surface to its tarmac counterpart that, once laid, cures to form a strong and impact-absorbing playground surface.

As a continuous, seamless surface, there are no trip hazards with any of our Wetpour designs. Its gentle resistance is kind to little limbs, making Wetpour an ideal surfacing option for improving safety in high energy, active play zones, particularly where children are running around at speed, racing around on bikes and trikes, or climbing at height.

The firm, smooth nature of our Wetpour makes it easily accessible for children with mobility disabilities, and a perfectly wheelchair-friendly choice. 

No more wasted space! Wetpour is one of our most popular products for creating an all-weather playground environment. We prepare the necessary baseworks so that we can install it anywhere, and because it’s extremely porous, it’s a brilliant surface for use in areas that often become wet, boggy and inaccessible for much of the year - allowing schools to maximise their playground space for outdoor learning and play.

We supply our Wetpour in a choice of vibrant colours, and our skilled installers can lay it in block colours or pattern designs, with a whole range of graphics and text options to choose from. 

Contrasting Wetpour colours can be aligned to clearly define different learning zones - helping children to visually distinguish between calmer and more high energy activities within their playground, and promoting safe play. This is particularly beneficial for children with Special Educational Needs who rely on visual aids and prompts, for example, or in EYFS playgrounds where children are learning how to navigate their way around school.

If there’s a specific design theme or choice of wording that you would like for your school, we offer a bespoke Wetpour design service to bring your ideas to life. 

Demonstrably durable, happily low-maintenance and requiring very little upkeep,